Auditing is a means of evaluating the effectiveness of a company's internal controls. Maintaining an effective system of internal controls is vital for achieving a company's business objectives, obtaining reliable financial reporting on its operations, preventing fraud and misappropriation of its assets, and minimizing its cost of capital. Both internal and independent auditors contribute to a company's audit system in different but important ways.

Statutory Audit

We perform statutory audit for private, SME, listed companies and educational institutions. We provide a fair opinion and assurance, complete assessment of accounts, compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as adherence to accounting standards like IFRS & GAPP.

Non-statutory Audit

we perform non-statutory audits for reviewing and verifying an organization’s reports on financial matters. This includes concurrent audit, Internal audits, stock audit, etc. which provides credibility to client’s financial reporting and it is well received by banks and financial institutions that rely on independent auditor’s assessment.